About EBS

About Us
Esports Business Solutions —short: EBS— is an esports media and technology startup based in Berlin, Germany. The company is listed in the commercial register of the local court Charlottenburg (Berlin).

Our Services
With its key offerings in news, professional data services and careers, The Esports Observer has become the leading esports business portal, delivering professional, educational, and relevant esports information. Throughout 2016, we have reached more than one million readers and are growing consistently.

We collect and aggregate relevant social media and steaming data through our in-house tracking platform Influencer.gg, which also delivers data as a service to professionals.

Our Mission
We are an independent third party and are on a mission to maintain our position as the leading esports business portal. We believe that our services will help decision-makers to better understand the esports industry form various angles. Our content is professional, educational and relevant.

Code of conduct
EBS as a company has decided to outline its principles and guidelines concerning entrepreneurial actions and journalistic independence.

  • EBS is committed to an independent and critical journalism. To express this editorial responsibility, the following guidelines for journalistic work were formulated. Compliance with and implementation of the guidelines in the daily business are the editorially responsible, in particular, the chief editorship.
  • The journalists of EBS shall ensure that a separation of advertising and editorial is upheld, warrant independence from shareholders, emphasize the separation of private and business interests, and prevent personal advantage.
  • As a Germany-based company, EBS are legally bound to the German Telemedia Act (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag), particularly, but not exclusively, to §55 (obligation to provide a masthead). Furthermore, we are obliged to observe the journalistic principles of the German Press Code (Deutscher Pressekodex), especially, but not exclusively, section 7 (separation of editorial texts and contents for commercial purposes).

Esports Business Solutions UG reserves the right to change this code of conduct if reasonable changes need to be made.